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The photographs on this page are general and of various occasions. Included in the photographs are: Archbishop Gregorios, parish church architecture and Theophany – blessing of the water.

Please scroll down the page and click on a photography to make it larger.

com-phot-After-cons-of-CH-by-archb-kyr-III-of-CYP-on-24th-apr19_1   dsc_3782_1 dsc_3772_1dsc_3730_1dsc_3727_1





dsc_3870a_1Главната врата входаВерандата входdsc_5688dsc_5702





upstairs_church  горния етаж Свети Николаикона стенописи горе Покажи 3икона стенописи горе Покажи 1 икона стенописи горе Покажи 4





St-Nicholas-Cardiff-Church-CEILING-01 dsc_5703  Теофания 2013_blessing 2 Теофания 2013_blessing 1

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